blog photo 98 fireworksWHAT IT IS

Doucet was trying to add context so Sapphire and Cricket could better understand meeting their parents after so many years, why they were kidnapped, how they now had a sister,  and a hundred other questions befuddling them.

Doucet was certain Wagner and Lehman found out Bill and Emma were hiding out in Beaver County and hatched a plan to to kidnap Sapphire and Cricket to use them as leverage to force Bill and Emma out of hiding. Bill and Emma would have certainly been killed to shut them up and the same fate awaited Cricket and Sapphire if it had not been for Ellie finding them.

Doucet explained he was gathering proof that the kingpin behind all this was…that is when the first of the fireworks erupted signalling the end of the Beaver County Fair.


Dog Town California was a dusty, drive-by place where a few stone foundations and collapsed wooden structures were the only signs a town once existed. Today, with the completion of Phase 1 of the Canine Olympic Headquarters, Dog Town again stands proud as a testament to the ingenuity of canines and man alike.

In honour of this great accomplishment, Slim Clemons ordered in one of the largest fireworks displays ever put on in California history. It is said Slim enjoyed the fireworks so much, he intends to make it an annual spectacle in the years to come.



blog phoyo 97 insectWHAT IT IS

There is a chic new restaurant in Boston Massachusetts appropriately named Hangers, where patrons are seated on a wooden platform, strapped into their seats and raised via a construction crane one hundred feet into the air to enjoy the dining experience.

INSECT agent Graham was the adventurous type, while agent Smith called the idea ludicrous, befitting of the bored middle class teasing stupid ideas out of everyday pleasures. He would not go…Graham was on his own.

Once a hundred feet in the air and strapped to his seat, Graham and the others were easy pickings for No. 1’s east coast lieutenant and several thousand insect activists.


Jones and Brown both had a touch of arachnophobia, so it was not surprising that panic started to set in when their car began to fill up with spiders. They tried stuffing pieces of Brown’s T-shirt into the vents as they repeatedly pulled at the door handles in a vain attempt to get out. The spiders seemed endless and their ability to find ways to penetrate the vehicle remarkable. As Jones and Brown bounced up and down in their seats, swatting and slamming themselves a single dragonfly landed on the windshield, twisting and contorting its miniscule head until all the spiders left the area.



blog photo 96 fence



Patrolman Ned Doucet had been involved in many high speed pursuits in his career but this one was the strangest of them all. As he edged closer to Wagner and Lehman he could clearly see both men wearing black velvet hoods, not unlike those of the Ku Klux Klan, only black, only velvet.

The driver was all over the road, kicking up dust and gravel, veering from side to side while the other hooded guy was perched out of the sun roof, leaning forward over the front windshield, grabbing teddy bears clinging to the front windshield.

Doucet watched in fascination as teddy bears were tossed in all directions from the erratic moving vehicle. With all this action ahead, the Mercedes slowed down somewhat, allowing Doucet to pull up beside it, but a myriad of teddy bears thrown Doucet’s way covered his windshield causing him to lose control, striking a wood fence along the side of the road.


Mutt Jefferson was doing a long haul from New York state to the Florida Keys. He was anxious to hit Beaver County on the way back to see the progress being made by Cricket and Sapphire. Before seeing the pair, Mutt had a quick stop to make at Will Offley’s farm to bring Beatrice some key limes so she could make her prized lime pie which would be sold at next week’s county fair.

Will gave Mutt precise instructions to drive his rig slowly past their house to the second driveway where Will would meet Mutt and take the three boxes of limes. Beatrice would know nothing of this as Will intended to surprise her with the prized limes. It all seemed a bit cloak and dagger to Mutt, but anything for a friend.

After the delivery was complete, Mutt was back on the road but had only gone a few miles when he spotted a patrol car off the road, entangled in a fence with several dusty, disoriented teddy bears sitting on the roof.





blog photo 95 bean in jailWHAT IT IS

Slim Clemons called it taking care of business, Mono county officials called it kickbacks and the President of the International Olympic Committee called it an innocent mistake.

When engineers were ready to lay down eight kilometers of dog run material at the Dog Town, California headquarters, Slim Clemons had the material ready to go at his Sacramento facility and struck a deal with project managers to deliver the goods. Clemons insisted a large donation of dog food to members of the Olympic Committee was unrelated to the dog run project.

The Canine Olympic President was briefly incarcerated by county officials but released within hours pending further investigation.


INSECT agent Williams was the kind of guy who was always late for work. He possessed a bevy of creative excuses for his constant tardiness, but none better than the one used on the first day back on the job after returning from the tunnels of Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

As he was running late and leaving his house on that morning, someone had deposited an enormous pile of dog dung on his front porch and as he ran out the door, found himself knee high in dog shit.

Coincidently, in the early morning hours previous, a small canine from Boston, Massachusetts was briefly detained by police for loitering the neighbourhood but was quickly let go when local authorities realized he too was police.







blog photo 94 HorseWHAT IT IS

From outside his kitchen window Beany Blair could see a large chestnut colored mare standing near the shoreline, not moving much, mostly nibbling on some long grass, as if waiting for someone, or something. Beany knew most of the horses and their owners around the bay, but this one was unfamiliar.

Throughout the day he’d sneak a glance out the window, sometimes the horse was there, sometimes she was not, but always close by. After supper Beany decided to visit the animal to see if he could figure out who it might belong to.

He approached a gentle soul with a sweet disposition who seemed intent on keeping company with a stranger pacing in a sea cave several feet below ground. Beany went back to the house, got a good length of rope and the two of them hoisted Basil McCormik out in no time.


Johnson and Williams were absolutely stunned by the prospect of being ‘thought’ out of holding on to the dog catchers pole and utterly blown away by being ‘thought’ out from the tunnels and dumped into a farmer’s field…by teddy bears. But it happened and there they were.

INSECT was suspicious of the Boston Canine Unit and Johnson and Williams were ordered to take one of it’s members and bring it back to the compound. Having failed, they contacted their supervisor for further instructions and were thoroughly raked over the coals and told to return to the tunnels and finish what they started.

Resentful, they began trudging out of the field toward the tunnel entrance. Heads bowed, they didn’t notice her at first, but just before they would have been trampled they looked up, both diving in opposite directions as a chestnut colored mare with several teddy bears and a small dog aboard charged by them.








blog photo 93 spiderWHAT IT IS

Justine Flagstaff was running down a story in Philadelphia about a strange sighting of colored lights dropping into the water near Penn’s Landing. Witnesses claimed bright objects appeared high in the night sky, descended rapidly and when they hit the water huge eruptions of steam occurred before the objects vanished below the water.

Flagstaff arrived too late to interview anyone, so she hopped on the River Link Ferry and headed back to her hotel room. Sitting on the upper deck, she noticed a man at the far end of the ferry. He was a nervous chap…like a bobble head constantly looking in all directions. Suddenly he sprang to his feet, slapping and swatting at something…insects perhaps. He danced about relentlessly, arms waving and hands and legs quivering all the while yelling and yelping. All this animation attracted the attention of a couple of state troopers and as they approached the man he leapt from the ferry into the Delaware River.

Flagstaff wandered over to where all this took place and found an unusual number of spiders crawling over the bench where the man had been sitting.


INSECT agents Jones and Brown went through a battery of psychological tests to see if they were ready to return to work. INSECT doctors determined they were most likely hypnotized into believing their restraints were real and were simply dumped at Lake Tomiko as a warning to the agency. At any rate, they were cleared for duty, given two weeks paid vacation and told to do some serious relaxing before returning.

Jones nagged Brown incessantly about spending two weeks on Manitoulin Island, and with that the two headed for the Island. They hit the swing bridge at one AM and were the first in line to get across, as the bridge was swung in the open position to allow a large boat to to sail past. As they waited, they realized not only were they the first in line, they were the only ones in line. That is when the spiders came…thousands, tens of thousands…perhaps millions…crossing the road in front of them…behind them…over the car and under the car…into the engine…stalling the engine…inside the car…







blog photo 92 snowbuntingWHAT IT IS

Basil McCormik told his co-workers he was going to the ‘east end’’ for the weekend. There had been sightings of the small horse in the St. Peters area and McCormik, with camping gear stowed away in his truck, was determined to find him.

McCormik’s mission took a sharp turn away from his intentions when he was following a flock of snow buntings along the shores of St. Peters Bay. As he watched the birds, a huge sinkhole opened below his feet and McCormik tumbled violently down some thirty feet into a sea cave.

Conscious and a bit bruised, McCormik found himself looking at a magnificent sandstone sculpture of the Lady Justice. The statue before him depicted twin women, one blindfolded, one not. The scales held planet earth on one scale, rubble on the other. Both women held what appeared to be laser weapons, not swords. McCormik studied the statue extensively in the twenty-four hours it took for someone to find him.


Frank James received an e-mail from Cinder Willoughby regarding the possibility that Dizzy and Bella might still be alive. Willoughby’s sighting of the two women in Beaver County intrigued James to no end and he arranged to meet Willoughby at the location where the two women were seen.

James sat on a park bench watching a group of snow buntings when the mayor of Beaver Falls walked up to him, handed him a plain brown envelope and quickly disappeared down the trail without saying a word. James was just about to open the envelope when Willoughby showed up with a photograph he had taken of the two women. James’s face broke out into a wide grin: it was Dizzy and Bella!