Bus stop 1




Cricket and I were stuck behind the Beaver Falls city transit bus for some time. We were in no rush and rather enjoyed the stopping and starting; watching the people coming and going as the bus made its appointed rounds.

We were driving close to the Beaver River when the bus stopped to let on some passengers. A loud, verbal argument broke out between the driver and a couple of would-be passengers. It seems two canines were refused passage onto the bus. The two, one an Olympic athlete and the other his trainer, protested loudly that they had to get to the airport for a flight to the canine Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Cricket took this photo just before Sapphire loaded the dogs into our car and whisked them to the airport.



The Municipality of the French River in Northern Ontario, Canada recent passed a bylaw chastising ‘portly pups and fat felines’ who were living within the boundaries of the municipality. The bylaw would require all pets to be weighed by the town veterinarian and if they were deemed overweight, the appropriate license would not be issued.

The two dogs in the above photograph were ordered out of town for refusing to report to the town veterinarian. Sapphire took this photo as the two waited for a bus destined for Toronto, Canada.


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