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When Samantha Gallant piloted her Cessna 182 with Missouri entomologist Frank James and two other research scientists to the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, she was not expecting to run into Cricket and Sapphire.

A news story broke out a week prior, describing unusually large thistle-type plants growing along the edge of the tarmac. Additionally, large bumblebees were said to be pollinating these plants.

When Cricket and Sapphire arrived, the entomologists were busy collecting samples and sending them off to Monsanto’s headquarters in Missouri. Try as they did, the scientists were unable to capture any bees and had to be satisfied with only plant samples.


A vacationing Sofia Zuniga was walking along a quiet beach on the Caribbean island of Nevis when she spotted a Canadian biologist from Weyburn Saskatchewan, examining some Canadian thistles, that definitely should not have been growing in this part of the world.

The biologist, Cinder Willoughby, was contacted by the deputy-premier of the island and asked if he could come to Nevis to study several unusual plants and insects species never before found on the island.

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