the dipper (2)WHAT IT IS

He stared at the dark photo, zeroing in on the second star from the end of the handle of the Big Dipper. He could clearly see it was a double star, the larger one was called Mizar, the smaller Alcor. He was convinced planets occupied the space between these two stars and it was from these planets where aliens visited his island – Nevis.

He was Miles Hobbson, former deputy-premier of Nevis. It took nearly a month, but the parliament finally forced him to resign his seat and the presidency of the governing party.

Hobbson now spends his days traveling around North America, explaining the events that occurred on Nevis. His next stop is a presentation to the International Canine Olympic Committee in Salt Lake City, Utah.





On one of Cricket’s solo camping trips, he decided at the last minute to hike to Gus Masterson’s camp on Lake Tomiko.   As darkness fell,  Cricket soon found himself lost in the bush, and he was kicking himself for not having paid heed to the first rule of camping:  tell someone where you are going.

Cricket did have a plan, however.  Once in complete darkness he would use the pointers of Cassiopeia to find the North Star and this would help him get back to the highway.

Had Sapphire been with him, she would have told him to use the Big Dipper to find the North Star.


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