The Trestle


blog photo 36 stone bridge


Every time Will and Beatrice Offley drive their aging pickup truck over this stone trestle, they stop for a few moments and consider that day in early June. A -five-year-old girl stood on the trestle, alone and crying. The Offleys stopped, talked to the girl and reassured her they would find her parents.

That never happened. The Beaver County couple finally got approval to adopt the child after months of inquiries trying to find her parents. The only indication of who this girl might be, was the name Samantha Gallant sewn into the sweater she was wearing when found on the trestle.


There is a stone trestle in Beaver County, near Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, that is considered by local residents to be a most mysterious place. A lost child, a tool box full of cash, huge swarms of bees and enormous flocks of birds have all been seen on or near the trestle.

It has caused such a stir, that Weyburn Saskatchewan biologist Cinder Willoughby has been brought in by local authorities to investigate the phenomenon of the trestle. To date, Willoughby has observed tens of thousands of birds and insects disappearing under the trestle.  However, there has been no evidence uncovered regarding where they go.

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