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There is a part of Shoal Lake, Ontario that lies inside the Manitoba border and this is where Mildred Duck spends long summer days feeding on aquatic vegetation and if she is very lucky some fine northern wild rice.

It was on one such day trip that Mildred caught a glimpse of a weeks old gosling feeding among the reeds. Mildred’s little duck heart started racing; she knew she had found the lead actor for her upcoming production of the ‘Littlest Gosling’.


Yet another of Margaret Brookside’s community activities is to organize the annual rubber ducky race along the Beaver River, with funds raised going to the Heritage Valley Beaver Hospital in Beaver, Pennsylvania.

The small rubber ducks are launched at Beaver Falls, with their final destination near Rochester, Pennsylvania. This year Sapphire took this photo of a wee Canada goose who got in amongst the rubber ducks and was easily the first across the finish line in Rochester.

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