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Jasper and Chuckles did not let a small setback in the form of a layoff from Amtrak keep them from landing gainful employment elsewhere. Within a few months of the devastating news, the two amigos were on a Canadian Pacific train bound for the Sunshine Village ski resort to begin training as rescue dogs.

After a three week training course, the two were ready to hit the slopes. On their second day, a skier got outside a marked trail and was swept up in an avalanche. Fortunately for the skier, Jasper and Chuckles were stationed close by and they quickly sprung into action, digging feverously until they reached the skier. Search and rescue completed the recovery and an appreciative Cinder Willoughby was taken to hospital for observation.


During a heavy snowfall Mutt Jefferson was rolling along Dorchester Ave. south of Boston, Massachusetts when a fast moving Honda civic bolted across the intersection of Park and Dorchester and T-boned the middle of his trailer. The force of the collision tore off the roof of the car and left INSECT agents Graham and Smith bruised but not seriously hurt.

Pictured here are two members of the Boston Canine Unit who were on the scene quickly, having been on a stakeout nearby.







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