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For many weeks Mildred Duck heard the rumors of a talented ruffed grouse living near Murdock Lake in the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. Mildred was looking for a solo singer who could pull off a sensational version of ‘Singing in the Rain/Paddling on the Pond’.

On a wet spring morning, Mildred left her swamp near Grassy Narrows and started the one hundred kilometer trip to Murdock Lake. Mildred was not disappointed and after several hours of negotiations and guarantees of limitless blueberries, wild strawberries and baskets of rosehips, the duo merrily flew back to Grassy Narrows to begin rehearsals for the Littlest Gosling.


Mike Hobbson’s speaking engagements across North America were starting to gather an eclectic and somewhat fanatical following of individuals from all walks of life. In order to help facilitate his gruelling touring schedule, Hobbson tried to enlist the help of corporate sponsors to offset the expenses he was incurring.

He had met with many CEO’s of large corporations, but it wasn’t until a Sunday brunch meeting with the president of Partridge Farms that Hobbson found his kindred spirit and benefactor.



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