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After three world championship trophies, long distance frog jumper Buck-jimmy was ready for something a bit different. One Sunday morning he left his Chappell Hill swamp in Texas and stowed away on Mutt Jefferson’s rig bound for Northern Ontario. Buck-jimmy wanted to reach Lake Tomiko and see the constellations made of pebbles by a local artisan frog.

Buck-jimmy was happy he made the trip.  In addition to the constellations, the artisan frog had designed what appeared to be random dates – days/months/years – with pebbles he had gathered. Many people came to see these frog musings; including Miles Hobbson who soon realized these random dates were not random at all…but were dates when alien crafts from Mizar  landed on earth.


This is a typical well water cleaning frog found throughout the rural areas of Canada. In fact, this frog, more or less, belongs to Cricket and Sapphire and they lent this guy out to neighbours and friends throughout the Wanapitei area.

Some years ago, while on a trip to Lake Tomiko, Cricket stumbled across a long abandoned farmhouse with the cleanest well water imaginable. After a few moments, Cricket quickly realized the reason for this most excellent water. Cricket offered the frog a life of adventure…wells to conquer and clean. Mutual terms were agreed upon,  and the two headed out to Cricket’s Wanapitei home.

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