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Around the University of Missouri, the sister duo Dizzy and Bella Barnhart, were well known for their academic prowess, sizzling sense of humor, and commitment to the task at hand.  That they were related to Frank James didn’t harm their popularity.  When Bayer Crop Science needed a couple of summer students to monitor Plot 82, James offered up Dizzy and Bella for the job. Unfortunately for James, it would be the last time he’d see his young cousins.

Plot 82 was heavily saturated with a new neonicotinoid which was similar to Imidacloprid but was said to be much more effective. Dizzy and Bella’s work on Plot 82 was to simply observe insect mortality and any other behaviors deemed relevant.

On the fourth day into their work, Dizzy and Bella were seen walking trance-like out of Plot 82, through Plots 92, 98, and 103 and into a thick forested area close-by.


Bright lights streaked across the night sky, hovered momentarily, moved again in random-reckless patterns before landing on the south-east part of the island. After a second night of this display, Parks Canada staff decided to trek in the general direction of the lights to uncover what was causing this phenomenon.

The small horses on Sable Island are a calm, sturdy bunch and did not seem at all disturbed by either the presence of the employees or the strange yellow plants now growing on the beach and being happily ingested by the forty or so horses roaming the area. As the employees gathered up samples of the plant, they came across two University of Missouri student ID tags: Dizzy Barnhart and Bella Barnhart.


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