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The Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada and the Fowl Actors Guild has sent four representatives to Mildred Duck’s Grassy Narrows enclave amidst rumors that mistreatment of pigeons was taking place under her care.

Although flatly denying these misconduct charges, Mildred did maintain that a group of pigeons from the Gros Cap/Sault Ste Marie area were having difficulty adjusting to the strict discipline Mildred demands from her performers. Pictured here are the aforementioned pigeons sitting inside their enclosed compound between rehearsals.



After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, millions of documents, photographs, research papers and other material was made available to western governments. It took decades for authorities to comb through this information; looking for clues regarding what the Stasi, KGB and other state run secret police were up to during the cold war.

One obscure file, authored by a M. Schulz, outlined an experiment where flocks of common pigeons and Spanish rock doves were trained to fly into jet engines and propeller aircrafts. The report concluded that modest success was achieved, sighting a small passenger aircraft flying out of Hamburg that was brought down by a small flock of rock doves.



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