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Basil McCormick was a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine for only six months and he surmised that was the reason the Prince Edward Island Veterinary Medical Association chose him to fly to Sable Island and bring back a horse, a strange particular horse, to a stable on the outskirts of Charlottetown for extensive medical testing.

It was day six and sitting in the passenger lounge of the Charlottetown airport was becoming very routine for Basil. Departure on day one was delayed by fog at the airport, as was day two. Day three saw clear skies at the airport, fog on Sable Island. Day four and five was clear on both islands, but strong winds kept the plane grounded.

The sixth day saw Basil’s aircraft approach Sable Island from the north-west and as they neared their destination beach, they could clearly see the small horse pounding out letters in the beach sand. The words “Dizzy/Bella”, repeated over and over, stretched up the beach for as far as the eye could see.


Some of the area hunters seen him a couple of times and said he was definitely not a moose.

A preacher from South Africa had a vision of him and came to see for himself.

A Chilean Medicine women heard of him and the healing power of his mane; then embarked on the long trip from South America

Sofia Zuniga and Bokamoso Jacobs wandered around the Chapleau Game Preserve for five weeks, both looking for the elusive horse they believed was living in the area. They searched in a grid pattern without success, and as disappointment was setting in, Sofia suggested they follow a hand drawn map an old prospector gave her when she first heard of the horse while vacationing on Nevis Island. After three days the pair came across an abandoned prospectors camp and a small horse standing guard outside.



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