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With her Beaver aircraft stored away for the winter, Samantha Gallant was patiently waiting for some parts to arrive, so she could get the Cessna 182 ready to begin contract work for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. Every autumn, Samantha was responsible for dropping rabies vaccines into known red fox territories around the province. This year she was vaccinating red foxes in the Chapleau Game Preserve.

Strange occurrences can often be seen out of a cockpit window, but what Samantha saw on her last day on the job was truly remarkable. Her first passover required a second, so she banked the aircraft around for a second look. A horse, a fox, three chipmunks, a man and a woman were sitting around a huge bonfire in a clearing in the middle of the forest.


Mutt Jefferson was just past Petawawa when he saw a woman running frantically back and forth beside her car. By the time he got his big rig safely to the side of the road, she was already in front of him, screaming that her dog Muffin escaped from her car and was heading for the bush.

Mutt didn’t hesitate, he ignored the ‘DO NOT ENTER’ signs, hopped the chain-link fence and ventured into the woods to rescue Muffin. It took Mutt only a few minutes to realize that he was on an artillery firing range and he better find the dog soon or they both would be toast. The bush was thick and progress slow when without warning an artillery shell burst above him, shearing off the top of a pine tree sending it crashing to the ground. Mutt immediately saw the small red fox, badly mangled by the limbs of the tree.

A smiling, grateful lady greeted Mutt at the side of the road as he handed over a disheveled Muffin. “What will you do with the fox?” Mutt just grinned.  Visions of an animal shelter swirled in his head.

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