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Mildred Duck was moving the entire one hundred and sixty-seven crew and cast members to the BIG SMOKE for a six month stay. The City of Toronto was ready with reserved sites along the Don and Humber rivers, as well as choice locations along the shoreline of Lake Ontario.

Based on his stellar reputation with waterfowl, Mutt Jefferson was hired to transport the young cast members, while the pictured duck was hired as chief security officer to fly south with the older cast and crew members.


It was Monday morning, Davey Doucet floated down the oak staircase, thru the front door to the waiting mailbox at the end of the deck. As he opened the mailbox lid the familiar brown envelope looked back at him, but on this day, it not only contained five hundred dollars, but also a fifty- thousand- dollar retainer with a hand- written note attached: “Find out everything about Graham and Smith.” It was signed S.C.

Doucet was thrilled, this would go along way in establishing himself as a premier investigator. One of the first things he would do with the extra cash was to solve his on- going problem of securing and communicating his information to other parties. Doucet decided to purchase a ‘carrier-duck’ from Mutt Jefferson. The duck, originally a drone smashing mallard from Medellin, Columbia, was re-purposed as a carrier-duck to transport flash drives across great distances.

In the above photo, the duck is seen landing on Nickle Lake at Cinder Willoughby’s camp with a flash drive of intricate information for Willoughby’s perusal.



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