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Slim Clemons liked to keep an open mind about all things political, social and financial. He realized at a young age that it was unwise to put all his eggs in one basket and that diversity and knowledge were the keys to his success. While attending a fundraiser for the University of Indianapolis, Slim overheard a conversation about an experiment taking place near the Chapleau Game Preserve.

A mix of people, domestic animals and wild animals were involved in a commune-style living arrangement. Their requirements from the outside community were modest: some tools, snowshoes, sled dogs, buck-saws, basic farm equipment etc. Slim decided to donate his prize- winning pull and plough horse, Gladiator.


The whole organization knew they had to get her a substantial birthday gift. They decided on one large present, rather than a bunch of meaningless gestures they knew she’d dislike.

Melena Schulz turned sixty-eight years old, and the entire gang at INSECT bought her a beautiful, gray horse. On the special day, the horse was brought to the INSECT compound for Melena’s approval. The horse broke free of Graham’s grasp, charged at a startled Melena and knocked her to the ground. It appeared the horse was just about to stomp her when Graham and Smith got a hold of the reins and muscled him back to his trailer.

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