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Bayer Crop Science was finishing up their work in Missouri, and to the delight of the board of directors a promising new generation of neonicotinoids had been tested and proven highly effective. The company had a few hurdles to jump and a few government tests to complete, but within a few months the products would be ready for market.

In the meantime, field technicians were busy tearing down the experimental plots of land used for testing the new insecticides. Plots 60 through 80 were vanquished first, but when plots 80 through 100 were tackled, stiff resistance was encountered. At Plot 82 a massive swarm of bees descended on the technicians, some suffering significant bee stings. To this day Plot 82 stands alone and undisturbed, while all other plots have been leveled.


Drake Johnstone’s encounter with alien life in Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park proved to be uninteresting when compared to his fascination with the teddy bears that inhabit the park and surrounding areas. Johnstone makes the trip from Beaver Falls to the park at least several times a year to observe teddy bear behavior. In his last outing, Johnstone watched as teddy bears used bees and their stingers to patch themselves when their flannel outer layer gets snagged and torn as they swing through the trees.

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