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It was a warm spring day, fishing season had just opened on Lake Tomiko and the anglers were out in full force, selecting their secret spots that would land them the prized pickerel they all sought.

A couple of good old boys from Louisiana had their speedboat at full throttle heading for the excellent fishing areas at the east end of the lake when a low flying trumpeter swan appeared on the horizon in apparent suicide flight…heading directly for their boat. It looked like the collision was inevitable, but at the last second the helmsman turned hard to port, spun the boat on a 360, clipped the propeller over some protruding rocks and became helplessly still in the water.

Some local fishermen, seeing what had just happened, towed the Americans back to their lodge, perplexed by the absence of fishing gear in the boat.



Mutt Jefferson was anxious to join the search for Cricket and Sapphire, but he had unbreakable commitments to transport a truck load of Pittsburgh Penguin uniforms to the Paints arena for a playoff promotion soon to be underway. But there was something Mutt could do, while on route to Pittsburgh he detoured to Beaver Falls to drop off a swan he had trained to do grid search patterns with a small HD camera strapped to its underbelly.



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