Crab Apple Tree

blog photo 81 crab appleWHAT IT IS

Davey Doucet happened along at the right time to prevent Emma and Bill from leaving their sanctuary in the woods and join the efforts to find Cricket and Sapphire. Doucet reassured them a small army of people were scouring the area trying to find their children.

On a warm June day Doucet sat under a sweet smelling crab apple tree listening to Emma dissect their lives; from their disappearance in 1988, to finding their old friends Will and Beatrice, to Davey discovering them in the old cabin.

Doucet pieced together some of the story on his own but with this new wealth of information from Emma he guaranteed them the whole ordeal would soon be made public and they could come out of hiding forever.


Acting on a reliable tip, twelve INSECT agents led by Graham and Smith flew to Missouri to assassinate No. 1. The dirty dozen, as they liked to call themselves, rented three black SUV’s at the St. Louis airport and drove to an area not far from the Mark Twain National Forest.

They arrived at dusk, each team of four assembled their pesticide canons and moved toward their assigned location, a piece of land known as Plot 82. Huge crab apple trees occupied the land and insect No. 1 was clearly visible at the edge of the trees feeding on the nectar.

The demise of No. 1 would not be accomplished on this day. A diaspora of a hundred women appeared from behind the tree trunks, each firing tranquilizing darts in the direction of the agents. Bedlam followed, most agents were hit but managed to struggle back to their vehicles except agents Jones and Brown who were last seen being dragged away by the determined mob.

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