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Geologists from around the world flocked to the site, all wanting to study the potential of wrestling Holmium from what the locals called The Three Chipmunk Range.

The munks were Canadian munks, trained in the banking industry, shuttled off to Oslo Norway to work for a national bank and when their work was completed, shipped back to Canada. Ending up at the Chapleau Game Preserve, the ambitious munks were eager to contribute to the community and set about looking for things to do.

The munks decided to do a complete bio-mass survey and inventory of the area, and on the fourteenth day in the bush ran across this unusual geological formation.


It was four AM, Slim Clemons drove his Hummer slowly down the dirt road, looking…just looking for anything that might help him find his friends. He may have been down this road before, it was a long life and roads were plenty. This road ended in a large opening, essentially a gravel pit, and as Slim turned the Hummer around he noticed what looked like lights bouncing around at the top of one the gravelly peaks.

Slim started walking toward the lights, finding two self describing good old boys from Louisiana, who were also searching for Cricket and Sapphire.


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