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Pictured above is the head of the Canine Unit of the Boston Police Service. Sinatra was lecturing at a police dog training convention in New Orleans when word reached him that his long time partner had gone missing in the tunnels below Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

He immediately booked passage on the Amtrak out of New Orleans bound for Beaver Falls. It was a quiet trip, except for a ruckus that broke out just as the train was leaving the station. The FBI tried to arrest a passenger, but he eluded capture by smashing out a window and jumping from the fast moving train. Sinatra’s ears perked up when a passing agent’s radio announced they were in pursuit on one Tiny LeBlanc.


Several years before the inaugural Canine Olympics, the thought of such a competition was considered a joke among the sports elites around the world. But the perseverance of the reigning president and the enthusiastic participation of the world’s canine athletes silenced the critics of the event.

Indeed, this athlete from Beaver Falls received encouragement, financial support and even transportation aid from Cricket and Sapphire when he was preparing for the Olympics. Consequently, he now spends his days roaming the countryside of Beaver County looking for the two.


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