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Teddy bear country was expanding, so to was the attention brought to bear on the sentient teddy bears living among us. What started out as a small group in the wilds of Northern Ontario, they can now be found in several locations around North America.

Especially concerning to teddy bears is the harassment caused by agencies such as INSECT and the outright dislike demonstrated by some people toward them. It has been recently discovered that a group of teddy bears in the state of Maine has enlisted the support of a Sandhill crane’s booming call to warn the teddy bears of potential incursions to their lair.


Hundreds of ducks, geese, gulls, snipes, bitterns swam on the quiet waters waiting for Mildred Duck’s production of the Ugliest Gosling to begin. With anticipation filling the air, Mildred waddled to the beachhead, thanked a long list of contributors, then turned the evening over to the cast.

The music was brilliant, the songs heartfelt and uplifting and the storyline gut-wrenching in its simplicity. The cast disciplinarian, Mr. Crane, could be seen yelling at the top of his lungs…he knew they had a hit on their hands.

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