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Davey Doucet doesn’t do coincidence, but his resolve took a hit when this unfolded.

Cinder Willoughby found himself on Lake Tomiko doing small mouth bass fish surveys for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. His MNRF contact was Conservation Officer Micheals, who during a bit of small talk, mentioned his run in with Klaus Wagner and Peter Lehmann.

When Willoughby’s work was finished, he rejoined efforts in Beaver County where an update from Slim Clemons described an early morning encounter he had with two fellas from Louisiana, Wagner and Lehmann. Those two names popped up again around a late night bonfire when Doucet revealed that a listening device he attached to a rodent recorded that Wagner and Lehmann were quasi-official agents with INSECT.


The posters were up, the bulletins were issued, and every available agent was brought in to track down Jones and Brown and bring their kidnappers to justice.

Agents in cars, trucks, helicopters, and on foot fanned out from Plot 82 to relentlessly pursue the guilty parties. The search had just begun when a call to the INSECT hotline suggested Jones and Brown could be found tied to a tree near the water’s edge of Lake Tomiko, not far from the pond where local artisans Buck jimmy and Wilbur jack lived.


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