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Cinder Willoughby may have been the last person to know.  But, because he travelled in roughly the same circles as Frank James, he learned of the disappearance of Dizzy and Bella Barnhart and the mysterious events surrounding where they went missing…Plot 82.

So, it came as a surprise to Willoughby that, while watching Black Capped and Carolina chickadees feeding on some cattails, he saw two women matching James’s detailed description of his two cousins.

The women were walking along a secluded trail near the Beaver County Conservation District in a hypnotic state, reciting verse and practising ashtanga yogi. It all seemed quite harmless to Willoughby, but his interest peeked when they started enunciating a message he had seen written on the side of a dusty motorhome.



Jones said it was a Black Capped, Brown insisted it was a Boreal, they both agreed they were too far north for it to be a Carolina, so they agreed to disagree.

Two frogs hopped by again, Jones said one was wearing a fedora, Brown insisted he just had an odd shaped head; again they both agreed to disagree.

When INSECT agents finally caught up with Jones and Brown they were a bit delirious and very dehydrated. They were tied up to a large tree, but they were not actually tied up with anything tangible.

The first agents to come across Jones and Brown was Graham and Smith and what they saw was two guys with their hands and feet tightly bound together, but no physical restraints were evident.




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