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The Canine Unit in Boston Massachusetts is world renowned for its crime solving prowess. Canines are chosen with great care and their training is long and arduous, with many animals not making the cut. Despite all this rigorous instruction, canines often succumb to their base instinct.

This seemed to be the case of the detective from Boston as he made his way through the tunnels in Beaver County. After three hours of travelling in a northeast direction, our four legged friend picked up the scent of something very familiar…a scent that he knew he should avoid.

He couldn’t! The unmistakeable aroma of a porterhouse broiling was just ahead. As he approached, INSECT agents Johnson and Williams from the Exotic Species branch lassoed him with a dog catcher pole and the fight was on.

The small canine put up a good fight, but the agents were much bigger, and the element of surprise was in their favor. Just as the tightening noose was exhausting the dog into submission, a group of teddy bears appeared, thought Johnson and Williams out of the tunnel and whisked the canine to safety.


Jasper and Chuckles were finishing up their three month stint at the Chapleau Game Preserve, where, as man’s best friend, they provided the community with insights into human/animal behavior. The take-aways provided by the two were simple: humans like to dominate…they wish to appear benevolent…they like to dole out privilege and they really like to control everything…period. To get along with humans it is best to adopt a passive milieu. This was the nugget of Jasper’s and Chuckles’ summer.

As their assignment drew to a close, Chuckles was awestruck by a group of teddy bears he met at the three chipmunk range. In fact, he convinced two of the teddy bears to join him in the Alberta mountains as rescue teddy bears during the upcoming ski season.



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