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All Cricket and Sapphire could do was peer down the undulating road and bath in the freedom that was now theirs. A full day of police interviews, press conferences, glad-handing well wishers and thanking the many volunteers had exhausted the two. As evening started to descend over Beaver County most of the hubbub had died down and Cricket and Sapphire finally had time to reflect.

They were grabbed by Klaus Wagner and Peter Lehman. They knew this because Wagner inadvertently let their identities slip while arguing over who would fix a flat tire shortly after they were kidnapped near their Wanapitei home. Gagged, hooded and tied up, they were driven around for several days until they arrived at what Wagner called the final destination. Deposited in an underground bunker, they were given minimal food and water for what seemed like weeks. Wagner and Lehman never revealed why they kidnapped the pair.


Davey Doucet was a country boy at heart and during his brief moments of relaxation he would often walk the roads of Beaver County, just enjoying the scenery, the nature. It was early, maybe 6:30, when Doucet was out for stroll and he could see Will Offley on his tractor far in the distance. He surmised Will was about to plough his west acreage and as he watched, a black Mercedes roared by him, kicking up so much dust that everything before him was obliterated, everything except the dirty Louisiana license plate hanging by one bolt on the back of the car.

Doucet watched the sedan achieve ever increasing speeds until suddenly the brake lights erupted and the car came to a hard stop. Doucet could see nothing because of the dust but after several moments two men ran from the road into the field where Offley was ploughing, gave him what looked like a shoebox, ran back to the car then sped away. Within minutes, patrolman Ned Doucet, lights flashing and sirens whaling, sped by in pursuit.

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