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When Buck-jimmy sits back in his swamp on Lake Tomiko he often thinks back to the days of that interesting trip from Chappell Hill Texas to Northern Ontario.  Mutt Jefferson pulled over in Beaver County, Pennsylvania for the night and Buck-jimmy hopped off the end of the trailer for a bit of sight seeing.

He came across a tunnel running beneath a railroad track and decided to hop on in for a quick look see. Hearing the constant chatter of what was most certainly a red squirrel, he came across the rodent spinning yarns to a host of local critters.

A story was being re-enacted about three chipmunks, nearly lost at sea on their way to Norway. Their vessel ship wreaked near Ellesmere Island, the munks were then found by a beautiful fairy from Easter Island who nursed them back to health. The fairy told the trio they would seek and find great treasures and would become famous around the world, but this fame would not last forever. As morning dawned, Buck-jimmy made his way out of the tunnel, wondering if these munks were real or just the musings of an overactive red squirrel imagination.


Many of Conservation Officer Micheals’ colleagues like to spend vacation time down in the big city, watching ball games, eating on concrete patios and taking in music concerts. Spending days in the bush swatting blackflies, slapping deer flies, battling horseflies and getting into fisticuffs with mosquitoes can lead a man or women to more gentler pursuits.

But not CO Micheals, his vacations are spent on Lake Tomiko where the fishing is unparalleled in Northern Ontario. After a long day on the water, Micheals heads to the local lodge for a few drinks and some good eats. That is where he saw them, sitting under a large white pine on a hot day with a cold beer. Micheals first heard the distinctive sound of a couple of Harleys. They pulled up to the lodge entrance and dismounted, the emblem THE CHAPS emblazoned across their jackets.

Micheals tried not to look directly at the men, fearing they might recognize him. He had seen them before, when they posed as Immigration Agents at the North Bay airport some months ago.




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