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Once the decision was made Frank James wasted no time; within a day his bags were packed, his leave secured and the family gathered at the airport wishing him good luck.

James was flying to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in Canada to call on veterinarian Basil McCormik who took the most recent photograph of Bella and Dizzy in the Lady Justice pose.

McCormik picked up James at 9 AM on a Tuesday morning with McCormik insisting they head straight away to Singing Sands beach where the horse that rescued him, and whom he believed belonged to Bella and Dizzy, was reported galloping along the water’s edge.

When they arrived at Singing Sands, the chestnut mare and a dark brown stallion with Bella and Dizzy on top, were bolting down the beach. They stopped mid-way along the beach, twirled on their hind legs then headed straight into the ocean, swimming in the general direction of Cape Breton Island.


He liked animals of all kinds but had a special fondness for horses; the intelligent face, the flowing mane, the powerful physique. Miles Hobbson walked up and down the stable admiring the inmates until the sound of the helicopter roared into the nearby paddock.

It was Hobbson’s first visit to Slim Clemons’ stable and he was anxious to see the man and get on with business. After pleasantries were exchanged, they got right to it with Hobbson handing over the Red Squirrel Scrolls, a map that came into his possession a few weeks ago. The map showed deposits of iron and uranium capable of producing high concentrations of Scandium not far from what is now known as the Three Chipmunk Range.

The deal between the two men was simple: if a verifiable deposit of the rare earth mineral was  attainable,  then Beaver Falls would be the recipient of the largest solar panel production facility in the United States.

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