The last person to leave Beaver County probably was Davey Doucet because his investigative curiosity was heightened when he saw Lehman and Wagner give something to Will Offley. Doucet was poking around a dilapidated house next to Will’s golden canola fields, trying to make sense of what he discovered about the pair.

Both men were former BKA agents in West Germany, starting their careers assigned to investigate the Badder-Meinhof Gang in the mid 1970’s. This fact seemed uninteresting to most but coupled with the stories Offley told about being an exchange student in West Germany in 1977, set Doucet investigator’s mouth drooling.


INSECT agents work in pairs: Graham and Smith/Jones and Brown/Johnson and Williams and so it goes. This trio of pairs had not worked together since the disastrous raid on Plot 82 and the failed assassination attempt on No.1. On this day they found themselves once again together working the case of the Diamond-back Moth Larvae.

Simply put, the insects love the taste of canola and INSECT headquarters received an urgent request for agents to fan out across Beaver County, Pennsylvania to assess the reported outbreak. Throughout the day agents trampled across canola fields finding a typical infestation, but nothing close to an outbreak.  During a late afternoon thunder- storm they took refuge in an abandoned farmhouse where the notetaker, Jones, prepared his report. The group covered over ten acres, no outbreak was eminent and the crops appeared healthy. In the margins of his notebook Jones mentioned coming across three boxes of Key limes rotting in a field.

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