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It’s a bit of a gag, but every second week Justine Flagstaff gives her editor a chive flower as a way of thanking her for accepting Flagstaff’s idea of writing a serial article about the whole Cricket/Sapphire affair. In her latest piece she describes how Tiny LeBlanc was extorted by Melina Schulz and aided by Lehmann and Wagner in the murder of a retired Nova Scotia civil servant near Willis Mountain, Ontario. Based on this article and evidence provided by Davey Doucet, arrest warrants have been issued for all four individuals, but they are, as the saying goes, in the wind.


Mark Malloch works for Pratt and Whitney and is considered the finest booster rocket scientist on the payroll. Laying in his hospital bed he looks very much like any other dude on the planet. When Malloch finally regained consciousness, his room was full…like totally full…of flowers, elaborate floral arrangements featuring buildings, rockets, the solar system, the moon, teddy bears, stuffed cats and dogs, the milky way… oh man it was impressive! On the table beside him was a small card and a miniscule bottle of “Out of this World” perfume. Next to the bottle a single chive flower, he reached for the card and read:

Roses are red, Violets are blue

                                                  Keep it up Buster and you’ll be blue too!

He read it again, then again…reached for perfume bottle, took a sniff then lapsed into a coma. Doctors and nurses rushed into Malloch’s room, one nurse noticing the teddy bears gone from the floral displays.

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