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Like many accomplished artists Mildred Duck was not satisfied resting on her laurels. Although she had been wooed by several producers with deep pockets to stage another musical, Mildred was hell bent on spreading her wings into the uncertain genre of the drama. Settling on a script from the unknown immigrant writer, Fernandez Rodriguez who settled in Pogamasing Ontario, Mildred was once again forging ahead on constructing a suitable cast and crew for her production. The Crane Hill Massacre tells the story of the struggles between mine developers and the natural world at the turn of the century in Northern Ontario. Pictured here is the black squirrel Mildred chose to be the narrator of this gripping tale.


They really didn’t want to hurt the little fella, they just wanted him to stop raiding the store’s basement and making off with all the sunflower seeds. They tried everything…nothing worked…not the live trap, not the scary music or uncle Tim sleeping in the basement…he was a smart one. This all landed on Miles Hobbson’s lap because he was visiting the store one Sunday afternoon in a campaign-style swing through the county and the owners gave him an earful. Hobbson enlisted the help of his old friend Cinder Willoughby, who often boasted he never met a black squirrel he couldn’t corral.

Willoughby was true to his word and on the first day a cheeky black squirrel was angrily pacing up and down in a small cat cage. Willoughby brought along Mutt Jefferson’s trained red squirrel and because the two species rarely see eye to eye, it was a simple job to get the black one to chase the red one into a two door cage and presto…one captured black squirrel.

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