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It took awhile for the apprehension to dissipate. An innocent walk down their country road would often lead Cricket and Sapphire to lean into one another as they ventured further from their home until they abruptly cut the walk short and hastily retreated to the house. The days and weeks marched on and as they did, the siblings found themselves in a familiar, comfortable state of mind, to the point of accepting a neighbour’s invitation to drop by and photograph some song birds visiting the feeders. It was with great amusement when this little song sparrow landed on Sapphire’s camera, waiting for the chance to get her photo taken.


Frank James was going it alone on Cape Breton Island; Basil McCormik had to get back to work on PEI and Mutt Jefferson was rolling down Hwy. 401, but not before leaving James a valuable asset to help in his search for Dizzy and Bella. James tracked down the pair to a rural area near Lennox Passage. The local authorities believed they were headed to Canso, Nova Scotia when they were spotted in a field on the Horseshoe Road off Hwy. 206. Therein lied James’ dilemma, he could not stakeout both ends of the horseshoe because he was by himself, so he rigged up Jefferson’s trained song sparrow and camera. Mutt had trained the little dude to stomp on the camera’s shutter whenever he saw something unusual. So, with James at one end of the horseshoe and the sparrow at the other, they patiently laid in wait.


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