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The nurse at the small outpatient clinic said he’d be fine, a few more minutes with the doctor and they could see one another. The morning started out pretty much like any other, but quickly went from worse to…well…worser!

Williams kept looking up the driveway, waiting for Johnson to appear and by the time the clock struck 8 AM, a black mini-van appeared through the drizzle and was soon parked beside the cabin. Williams recently bought the cabin from his brother-in-law, who specialized in restoring houses destroyed or nearly destroyed by fire.

Johnson arrived to a beaming Williams who was extremely anxious to show him around his property. As Johnson retrieved his cabin-warming gift from the back of the van, Williams rushed to him with a steaming cup of coffee.

Once inside, Johnson revealed a John MacWhirter print to Williams’ enthusiastic approval and the two placed the print in various locations around the cabin to best determine its final resting place. This is about the time the first damselfly showed up, then a second, a third and so on. With fly swatters in hand, the fight was on: Williams and Johnson flung themselves about the cabin with great abandon in an effort to squish these annoyances, but they killed not one. In a fit of frustration, Williams pick up a cast iron frying pan, hurled it across the kitchen at a petite blue/green damselfly but instead hit Johnson on the side of the head…fortunately the clinic was only a few minutes away.


Jamie McCormik, Basil McCormik’s second cousin twice removed…whatever that means…said he could wait until Saturday morning, noon at the latest, before he’d fill in the sinkhole Basil had fallen into some weeks before. Basil would be up Friday, right after work, he only needed an hour down in the hole and Jamie could take it from there.

When Basil arrived, two gravel trucks and three farm tractors surrounded the sinkhole. The machinery bellowed thick black smoke into the air, eager to start the job at hand while their operators stood in a circle smoking cigarettes and enjoying coffee. On Basil’s earlier, abrupt decent down the sinkhole, he discovered an odd sheet of metal, it was not real metal, more like a metal-like substance with mathematical symbols etched into it. Twenty petrified damsel and dragon flies were affixed to it and formed a circle surrounding the symbols.

Basil made his way to where he stowed his treasure, but the insects had been removed leaving only the sheet of symbols for him to retrieve.



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