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Miles Hobbson watched the monarch touch down briefly on each car, first an Audi, then a Lexus , a Mercedes, another Mercedes, a Jaguar and finally a BMW. The DOCTOR’S ONLY parking lot was full of high end cars and it was odd seeing an old lady struggle across the lot weighed down by several dollar store bags with the bold words REUSE/RECYCLE written on them, REDUCE apparently dropped from the formula. Both ends of hyper-consumerism Hobbson thought.

Hobbson’s political career was about to get a fierce dose of reality when at the next Beaver Falls council meeting he would introduce several sweeping reforms. Lower municipal taxes, a reduced work week for municipal workers, measures to stabilize or decrease the community’s population and business tax incentives for companies implementing a shorter work week. Also high on Hobbson’s agenda would be the establishment of the Beaver Falls League, an army of volunteers to promote continuing education, environmental clean-up, and all manner of innovative social activism. Hobbson already had a strong ally in Slim Clemons who agreed to offer his entire work force at the new solar panel factory flexible work hours where they were given the choice to work a week consisting of 16, 24 or 32 hours.

Hobbson watched as the monarch touched down on a Maserati, hovered awkwardly, got blown around uncontrollably by the wind, righted itself, landed on a Lincoln, then flew haphazardly down a nearby street…Hobbson hoped this was not a blueprint for his political career.


It took Mark Malloch a few days to come out of the coma and when he did he seemed surprising lucid to the nurses and doctors watching over him. His lucidity didn’t last long however, a strange occurrence outside his hospital window sent Malloch into a downward spiral.

Malloch’s doctors and nurses were Pratt and Whitney doctors and nurses who were directed to protect valuable company assets like Mr. Malloch. During his initial examination after coming to, Malloch showed signs of some disorientation but his condition elevated when a monarch butterfly landed on the ledge outside his window. Malloch insisted the monarch spoke to him…in English with a Spanish accent, most likely Mexican. DON’T DO IT, the monarch repeated twice before flying off, returned briefly, JUST DON’T DO IT. The psychiatric ward was notified and Malloch wheeled down the hallway.


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