The Federal Bureau of Investigation stayed around for nearly two weeks, the state police a little longer and now the only ones left was Ned Doucet, his nephew Davey and a couple of off duty officers more interested in Beatrice’s pastries than catching the criminal element. But the stakeout was growing old and its originator, Davey Doucet, was ready to throw in the towel. Doucet figured that someone would not let a hundred grand sit inside Will Offley’s house for long, so he rented the farmhouse across the road, made it look like a riding stable and kept vigil twenty-four hours a day.

The two horses he borrowed from Slim Clemons’ stable to add authenticity to the project were already loaded onto a trailer for their return when a slow moving pick-up truck inched its way up the road and stopped at the end of Offley’s driveway. Davey still had his telescope set up in the kitchen window and could see a lone male exit the truck and walk around the gate and up toward the house. The truck had Louisiana plates and a decal of a chef’s hat on the tailgate door. He couldn’t have gone more than a few feet, when a low flying Samantha Gallant approached Offley dirt runway. The sight of the aircraft spooked the man, as he turned quickly made it back to the truck and tore off down the road.


Frank James lost track of Dizzy and Bella on the Horseshoe Road, perhaps they slipped by during the night or bush wacked through the forest. He was reasonably certain they were still in the area so he spent a couple of days driving around Ile Madame, taking in the breathtaking scenery, hoping he might spot the two.

He was near West Arichat when he saw a middle aged man walking along the highway with two horses. He explained to James that his brother, a fisherman from Petit-de Grat, gave a boat ride to a couple of city girls to over Canso way and because they had no money offered up these beautiful horses as payment.





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