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Mark Malloch, deemed fit as a fiddle by his physicians, was looking at it, Frank James and Basil McCormik sat in a rented convertible looking at it, Jones and Brown sat on a rock outcrop looking at it and Dizzy, Bella and two teddy bears were sitting in a canoe on Ice Lake looking at it…not only were they looking at the same crescent moon they were looking at it in basically the same place…Canso, Nova Scotia.

Malloch was in town for one last check on a rocket booster engine he helped design at Pratt and Whitney, an engine that was about to launch a new era in space tourism. James and McCormik were in town in their relentless pursuit of Dizzy and Bella. Jones and Brown were hastily ordered to Canso after INSECT picked up some wonky radio waves in the area and Dizzy, Bella and the two teddy bears were irrevocably drawn to the area for reasons unknown.


Justine Flagstaff traveled often and traveled light. A small black square luggage on wheels, maybe two feet long, a foot wide…that’s it. A few unmentionables, a couple of tops, a pant suit…dry cleaned when needed…no food or snacks…bought when necessary…sneakers…shoes and formal wear rented as required. Packing up her Pittsburgh hotel room took seven minutes, a ten second walk got her to the elevator and in another minute she was outside stepping into a taxi and looking up at the crescent moon. She paused, wondering how many of these banana moons she saw over the years…too many!

The taxi rumbled off in the direction of the airport. She examined the reflection of the driver’s face in the rear view mirror, it looked most familiar. Then it hit her, he was a keynote speaker at a journalist convention she had just attended at the Westin Convention Center. The driver, Miles Hobbson, had an interesting proposal for Flagstaff…an exclusive interaction with No.1…the most wanted wasp on INSECT’s top ten list.

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