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Buck-jimmy was a prodigy, born in the swamp country outside Chappell Hill, Texas and winning three world championship frog jumping titles in Apache County, Oklahoma. His retirement on Lake Tomiko was quiet and enjoyable, but there was nagging questions elite athletes often face when they give up their passion. The uncertainty he was feeling was exasperated when a group of amphibians on a cross country tour stayed at Lake Tomiko for a few days. They spoke of records being broken in the frog jump in Oklahoma and of new contests developed at the Apache County Fair. Buck-jimmy was particularly intrigued by a new and dangerous game where frogs had to hop through a flock of bitterns and avoid being eaten. Throwing caution to the wind, Buck-jimmy  jumped aboard Mutt Jefferson’s passing eighteen wheeler outside Sturgeon Falls, Ontario and was on his way to Oklahoma.


Perhaps it was serendipity, as Buck-jimmy tucked himself away on the main frame of Mutt’s trailer, Mutt was driving hard to his bird sanctuary in Gros Cap to pickup three highly trained American bitterns.

Some months earlier he had been approached by Apache County Fair organizers complaining that their frogs were easily out witting their stable of bitterns in a new contest they were running. Mutt offered them three shrewd bitterns schooled in spotting and retrieving golf balls for a local golf course in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Mutt said it would be a good fit!

So the upshot of this meant that Buck-jimmy could study these bitterns on the long trip from Gros Cap to Oklahoma and hopefully gain a wee edge on the other frogs.

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