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Many people wanted to talk to Wagner but the Boston police were keeping him on a short leash, allowing only a few people access to him. One such person was Hazel Backstrom, a veteran FBI investigator with a reputation of getting the unspeakable to speak.

Wagner was a good speaker, telling Backstrom  that he and Lehman were to take the sailboat out of Boston harbour and meet Tiny LeBlanc in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia where forged passports, documents and money awaited them.

The rendezvous was to take place on July 4th and a combination of FBI, RCMP and the Coast Guard officials mulled around on Shore Rd. in Lunenburg waiting for the sailboat and LeBlanc to show up. As dusk fell over the picturesque town, a lone toad made it way down Shore Rd. hopping leisurely toward the officers. One joked it must be Tiny…laughter rang out from everyone…where’s the passports…more laughter! What wasn’t very funny was the fact LeBlanc and the sailboat never showed up. A hurricane blew through the area some days before and where Lehman ended up was anyone’s guess.


Once Cinder Willoughby found out the identity of the dead man on Cape Breton he immediately contacted Davey Doucet, figuring Doucet might be interested in a deceased William Offley Jr.

Doucet was somewhat of a pedantic individual, and insisted Willoughby show him the exact place where the body was found. The two had a thirty minute walk along a shallow river bed then a half kilometer down a quad trail to reach their destination. On the way there, they speculated why a German national with this most familiar name might be doing on the island, but agreed they had no concrete evidence forthcoming from the local police.

Reaching the site in the early afternoon, the two ombres rummaged about looking for clues, but the area had been methodically scrutinized by the local police and the only thing of interest was a toad persistently hopping about where Willoughby found the body. The two lads watched this toad as he hopped and dug and dug and hopped until a half decomposed piece of Monsanto letterhead became evident in the dirt.

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