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A homemade sign written with a black sharpie marker on a piece of plain brown cardboard greeted Johnson and Williams as their car came to a stop at the edge of Plot 82. “Not much to do, at Plot 82,” was the message, along with two sad faces on either side of the text. The day was warm, the humidity stifling as they began the daily chore of walking through the plot taking notes on insects, vegetation, soil conditions, temperature, wind speed and on and on and on. This daily ritual did not change until the second week when Johnson was out in the plot doing a chicory count. While moving through a rather large patch of the plant he came across a blind man and a small horse. The man was carefully handling the flowers, sensing those with insects on them and cutting those flowers and placing them carefully in an enclosed basket. Why was he doing this? The answer: the horse told him to do it!


Basil McCormik sat at in Big Al’s Diner looking out the window, mesmerized at nothing in particular, playing with the two over easy eggs on his plate. It was not really Big Al’s Diner, just Al’s Diner but McCormik couldn’t get the BIG out of his mind. As he gazed, a figure appeared, growing larger and more distinct as it walked out of the ditch and on to the shoulder of the road. It was the famous mathematician and engineer Mark Malloch and he appeared to be studying the chicory along the side of the road.

McCormik rushed out of the diner to his truck and grabbed the metal object he found in the sea cave on PEI hoping Malloch could identify the symbols on the object. Malloch studied the object briefly, said it was a combination of ancient Hebrew texts and numbers which may roughly translate  to “men underground-2020.”

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