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Autumn was sneaking up on Pennsylvania. The mild fall temperatures kept the state in its summer green hues, but a couple of weeks of cold days and freezing nights was turning the countryside into a palate of beautiful colors. The ash leaves were starting to turn and fall and the deep browns and reds of the oaks and maples were starting to dominate the color scheme.

Will Offley liked this time of year: the harvest was in and the hectic pace on the farm began to slow just a bit. He especially enjoyed getting out the birdfeeders, cleaning them up, doing necessary repairs and filling the feeders with sunflower seeds, millet, thistle and oats. On a Sunday morning in November, Offley was keeping an eye on an impatient blue jay who seemed to be studying his technique of placing peanuts into a special blue jay feeder. With the feeder full, Offley began hoisting it up into a tree via a pully-system he had designed and when it reached its intended position, Offley turned to tie the rope to the base of the tree. That’s when he saw him, a man in his forties explaining he was from Germany and that his name was Will Offley Jr.


Smith was now Graham’s point man. With Graham stuck mostly in the office, shuffling papers, going to meetings and heading up the dreaded breakout groups for policy inputs, he relied heavily on Smith to excel in the field. So, it was with absolutely no reluctance that Graham appointed Smith to head up the Canso assignment

Smith had sixteen agents searching the Barrens Wilderness Area just south of Canso, while he was southwest of Cook Cove on a hunch that Beersey and Butsey were in the area. His radio receiver had picked up some wonky radio waves when he drove through the area the previous day and he was back for another look.

An hour on the Guysborough Nature Trail proved to be just what Smith needed as his receivers picked up the teddy bears just ahead. Smith reached for a couple of black velvet hoods but a blue jay screamed out a fearful squawk alerting the teddy bears who telekinesed all the way to the town of Guysborough.


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