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Doucet would crank his neck and head toward the hospital window just to see if the song sparrows were still eating and more often than not they were. They ate like Mrs. Hobbson shot…recklessly and often.

Doucet hated the domestic case and refused to do them anymore, but a friend persuaded him Mrs. Hobbson desperately needed a PI, so he agreed. The investigation turned up nothing incriminating, except Miles Hobbson traveled often, to strange places, at odd hours and with peculiar people. Upon hearing this evidence in the presence of her husband, Mrs. Hobbson kinda lost it, pulled out her piece and fired wildly at Miles, striking Doucet with a thru-and-thru to the shoulder.

In hospital Doucet kept busy answering two cell phones, a land line and a laptop skyped and ready. Margaret Brookside was told the green boots were landscape workers.  Basil McCormik’s “men underground-2020,”referenced the space tourism launch in 2020 in Canso, Guysborough County and Ned Doucet’s fist full of sightings of large bearded dragons in Beaver County were the product of UFO’s that frequented the area some years ago. The recent destruction of the tunnels most likely caused a disturbance in the community and the dragons were on the move. He told Ned to read Cinder Willoughby’s unofficial report, the one not shown to the Beaver County authorities. He’d send him a copy.


Slim Clemons is a good friend of the Pennsylvania Governor and a generous contributor to the Governor’s campaigns when it is time for the annoying little ritual every four years. So, when Slim knocks on the Governor’s door, it swings open enthusiastically with hand shakes and back slaps in abundance.

This day would be no different and as Slim walked toward the Governor’s Residence he studied some song sparrows near a manicured hedge, watching as the mother bird fed the off spring. Before he reached the Residence, the door swung open and a beaming Pennsylvania Governor greeted Slim with a powerful bear hug and a pumping handshake. “ So Slim, interested in dragon, eh?”

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