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The white crowns were passing through and staying long enough to build up some fat reserves before heading further south, and Samantha was in charge of the feeders while Bill and Beatrice convalesced from their brush with the intruder.

Much had been revealed since the incident: Will had fathered a child in Germany in the seventies, he had stayed in touch with mother and child through a mutual friend in the Florida Keys, his now grown son was recruited by Monsanto’s German division and had been recently sent to Nova Scotia on a fact finding mission, and the man who showed up at the farm was definitely not Will Offley Jr. Offley was on edge over the fate of his son and waited nervously to hear from Davey Doucet who was unfortunately in the hospital with a gunshot wound inflicted by Mrs. Hobbson.


It has been said by some that although Canso, Nova Scotia is not the end of the earth, one can see the end of the earth if you look in a north-east direction from the old fish plant. That’s the direction Mark Malloch was looking toward when a white crown landed in a tree outside his motel room and it gave him pause to think Smith might be correct about the teddy bears.

A second rocket in as many weeks had failed on the launchpad. The cause was believed to be spinning acoustic waves around the combustion chamber resulting in catastrophic explosions. This phenomenon was rectified by Malloch some years ago at the Georgia Institute of Technology, but now appeared to be plaguing the booster rockets once again. It was Smith who suggested that the radio-wave disrupting teddy bears were responsible, and after days and nights of pouring over the data, Malloch was almost ready to believe it.

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