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At the request of CO Micheals, Mutt Jefferson dispatched a similar duck/camera team that helped find Cricket and Sapphire in Beaver County. The duck was now flying the skies over Northern Ontario determined to help authorities put the bite on Lehman and Schulz. Micheals and a few others hold up in a local community center pouring over incoming digital images, while an exhaustive land search was conducted by police, firefighters and search and rescue personnel.

On the third day into the search a light dusting of snow covered the area and it was this occurrence that led Micheals to revisit some photographs he examined earlier. Being intimately familiar with the area, Micheals had a good knowledge of the houses, cabins and lodges nearby and was keen on comparing these building before and after the snowfall. He found what he was looking for: a deserted cabin was showing distinct signs of two individuals mulling around the snow covered grounds. Schulz and Lehman’s capture was afoot.


The site of the original Crane Hill Massacre was still a disastrous piece of land, with its scruffy thin white birches growing like weeds among vile black rocks, the fowl smelling water eroding rust stained ruts throughout the landscape where only the most desperate creatures attempted to survive. To that end, Mildred knew she had to stage her production in an authentic place that would represent the land before the massacre began. With Mr. Crane assembling and training the cast, Mildred took flight to find her nirvana

Mildred’s journey took her along the beautiful Mattawa River, then north she followed the Ottawa to its headwaters on Lake Timiskaming. Mildred loved much of what she saw but it didn’t quiet fit what she was looking for so she turned due west until she saw the old growth pines north of Temagami. As she surveyed for an exact location for the production, she observed another duck with a camera strapped to its underbelly taking photos of a small cabin below them.

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