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When Ned Doucet arrived on scene, two knights in full regalia were galloping along the Beaver River, a gazillion frogs were diving into the river, and two simpletons sat in the tall grass starring at a photograph of a rather ordinary rock.

Ned’s days as a patrolman in Beaver County were getting stranger and stranger! Just last week he was sent to investigate what a local farmer said were three teddy bears riding porcupines crossing his corn fields. This, along with bearded dragon sightings, high speed car chases and now knights on horseback made Ned apprehensive about his future in law enforcement.

At any rate, Ned had a job to do, so he asked the two men about what had just happened. The gist of their statement indicated the knights were looking for a particular rock under which a knowledge key was buried. The two men, being from the area, were familiar with the rock the knights were looking for, telling them it could be found off the Fombell road south of Ellwood City.


Melena Schulz handed Drake Johnstone a crude hand drawn map. He studied it carefully, nodding methodically, indicating he knew exactly what the map was saying. Schulz placed a brief case on the kitchen table and told Johnstone to bring it to the coordinates on the map and open it only at that location. The incentive for his cooperation was Schulz would graciously agree to not burn down his cabin.

Johnstone gathered up some winter hiking gear, his snowshoes and some basic provisions and started out on a trek that was some ten kilometers long. In less than three hours Johnstone found himself looking at a rather ordinary looking rock, but according to the information on the map this was the place he was supposed to be.

He placed the briefcase on the rock, opened it up to see an electronic box with a green button in the center looking back at him. The large black letters above the button, ‘PRESS’, left little to the imagination, so Johnstone reluctantly pressed his index finger to the button. A steady murmur and a gentle beeping sound emanated from the box. Johnstone waited around for a few minutes, then headed back to the cabin.

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