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Not far from the Red Squirrel road in Temagami, a flock of starlings were licking their wounds and chit-chatting up a storm, describing to one another the events that unfolded earlier that morning. Dawn in the eastern sky had appeared evenly, only a thin layer of cirrus clouds lingered on the horizon, the red hues from the sun giving form to the otherwise frosty and wispy vapors. The starlings gathered along the wires Mildred’s crew had erected so the sharp eyed birds could act as an early warning system if unwanted predators should approach. A thick mist on the forest floor floated upward and mingled with old growth red and white pine. It became so thick the sun was diminished; the starlings could hear but not see the onslaught of INSECT agents approaching on all terrain vehicles.

The starlings finally did give warning. A raucous evacuation ensued, with most of Mildred’s cast slipping into the forest or taking flight. The only known casualty was the capture of the production’s narrator, a black squirrel from central Ontario.


Feather and Hammer found this land most strange. People honked their horns at them, screamed at them to get off the road, took pictures of them, took pictures of themselves with them and made all manner of fuss over their steeds, but still they pushed on to fulfill the promise to the fairy to retrieve the knowledge key and deliver it to Ellie.

The rural road, the early morning hour and the slow steady pace of the horses allowed Feather and Hammer to actually enjoy this adventure, if only for a few moments. It was Feather who first noticed the starlings up ahead on some electrical wires, fluttering between wires and singing in that most unpleasant starling manner. The two characters who sent them in this direction mentioned a murmuration of starlings could always be found near the rock the knights were looking for. Indeed, the knowledge key was located close by under the rock.





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