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In 1982 Mary Samson was a twenty year old women who had never been outside the state of Missouri and quite frankly never felt the need. She grew up with her sister Norah near Cooper Hill on a small farm her brother had bought after returning home from Vietnam. Mary was content with the rural life, helping out in the fields and cooking for the hired hands. In her free time, she loved to walk through the oak and maple woods picking wild flowers and keeping an eye out for wildlife.

Baines Wainscot got this information from Norah Samson while staying at the motel where Norah worked. It was June 21, 1982 when Mary left for the day to wander the fields and woodlots near their home and as the day drew long and dusk fell, Mary encountered a brilliant light in the field, a spinning sphere and a man emerging from the sphere then disappearing into the night. Found the next day with a small horse watching over her, Mary had lost her sight and would never be the same again. Baines of course investigated the story thoroughly and to his surprise discovered the incident occurred in the exact location of what today is known as Plot 82.


The Ontario Provincial Police knew it, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police knew it, the local constabulary knew it and even a couple Interpol agents knew it…the only ones who didn’t know it were Schulz and Lehman.

The noose around their wilderness cabin was so tight the local police were heard joking, “No moose on the loose gettin’ thru this noose.” And tight it was, with only one road into the property and harsh Precambrian rock surrounding the cabin, the police were certain Schulz and Lehman were as good as captured. Twenty five men and women, under the cover of darkness and in sub zero temperatures, slipped into the bush behind the cabin and formed the classic tennis racket formation while a heavily armed tactical team formed the handle of the racket, approaching up the road directly in front of the cabin. The order was given for Schulz and Lehman to surrender and after a thirty minute wait, the tactical team moved in. Not a shot was fired as the cabin was breached.  Only a bouquet of small blue flowers indicated the presence of anyone living there. As the officers considered were the fugitives were, the doors of a nearby shed burst open and the two raced away on a snow machine. It seems Schulz and Lehman had kept busy over the last few months digging a tunnel between the cabin and shed.


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