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For a myriad of reasons, Jones and Brown were recalled to INSECT headquarters and the responsibility of capturing a sentient teddy bear fell into the dubious hands of Miller and Davis. Fresh out of INSECT’s rigorous training program, the pair was anxious to make a lasting impression on their managerial masters, so they decided to chase down the leads of Jones and Brown and take off to the Killarney area of Northern Ontario and pick up where the two agents had left off.

After a couple of days of snooping around the back country, Miller’s parabolic dish, specifically designed by INSECT researchers to pick up chickadee and downy woodpecker sounds, began to receive loud noises emanating from a nearby lake. Chickadee chatter was prominent, but woodpecker babble indicated that Leo, the teddy bear that had slipped between Jones and Brown’s fingers, was in the area. Miller and Davis split up, each patrolling a side of the small lake. Through the thick underbrush Miller could see a clearing up ahead where a dense layer of amber tamarack needles had fallen off the nearby trees and where a teddy bear, quickly losing his sentientism, lay resting on the ground. With his black velvet hood tightly grasped in both hands, the unsuspecting Leo was hooded by Miller without incident and hustled back to the agent’s car.


The fixed wing float plane made two passes, in the first the plane was a couple hundred feet above the trees flying to the south end of the lake as if trying to determine if the lake was of sufficient size to perform a safe landing. The second pass saw the plane drop sharply at the water’s edge, the pilot killed the engine and the aircraft drifted silently above the water but in a deliberate decent.

Slim Clemons was not a seasoned aviator, but his brash style and impetuous nature drove him to occasionally frighten his passengers with such stunts. Today was Stacks McDonald’s turn, and when the aircraft finally drifted to a sandy beach, a grey faced Stacks slid out of the passenger seat into the water, while boisterous laughter and thigh slapping came from the pilot’s seat. Slim and Stacks were calling on Sofia to see if she could shed any light on what may have happened to the three chipmunks. Sofia got word that the munks were being held at a new secure facility near Mattawa Ontario and as the plane’s engines roared back to life a reluctant Stacks McDonald returned to his seat.

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Member of Camerauthor, a cooperative that writes on the blog What It Is/What It is not. Our membership includes a fantasy writer, a general fiction writer (Ellie) and two amateur photographers. All photos on the blog belong to Camerauthor.

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