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It is a well documented fact that ducks like geese, they also like herons, bitterns, terns and are said to be especially fond of flycatchers and in particular kingbirds. It is also said that ducks do not fancy seagulls, shearwaters or petrels. The reason for this animosity stems from numerous  incidents where seagulls devoured ducklings while the parent duck attempted to protect the brood. These acts of carnivorism have been going on for millennia, as has the dislike and distrust between the Families.

So, it was with great surprise when Mildred Duck received a message from a passing great blue heron that a seagull along the Georgian Bay wanted to see her. Mildred cleared her busy schedule, convincing herself she needed a break from rehearsals and other production related duties, and began the flight to Lion’s Head to see what the seagull wanted. Mildred loved the Bruce Peninsula, in fact she was shot along its waters as a yearling, and often returns on the crisp autumn days of October.

She found the loud, obnoxious gull standing on a telephone pole, pontificating about human over fishing, polluted gasoline-filled waters and toxic heavy metal run off filling the bay. She also mentioned that the canine who saved Mildred’s life all those years ago could be found living  near Tobermory.


The raccoon was probably hit by a mining truck; they move fast along this stretch of road, spewing up so much summer dust everything disappears in their wake. Cricket and Sapphire quickly closed up the car windows when three of these mining behemoths appeared, recklessly taking over the center of the road, forcing anyone and anything to the side. After the dust settled, a seagull was a mangled heap in the center of the road, its mate standing atop an electrical pole mourning his fate.

Seeing these gulls created a moment between brother and sister that extracted an emotion from both, it flooded into their consciousness, and they looked expressionless at one another, at the dead seagull, at the wailing seagull.

It was a near certainty that their parents had been murdered and the only suspect was the driver of the black SUV police found a few kilometers away. As their dazed eyes cleared and they focused on one another, the intent of what just transpired became obvious to both; they would find out who killed their parents and bring them to justice.














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