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Sapphire is the envy of the chronically nocturnal, those, like her brother, who prowl around in the post midnight hours looking for things they can’t find, stubbing their toes on living room tables and chairs and making all kinds of racket while still convinced their surreptitious activities are known to no one. On most days the amiable zombie falls asleep a few hours before Sapphire is up for the day and is oblivious to her small photographic adventures that see her scouring the rural roads looking for possibilities.

The locals call it Montgomery’s road because the dilapidated cabin near the dead end belonged to Troy Montgomery, an immigrant, long gone from this earth. On one of her early morning excursions, Sapphire walked the nearly three kilometers of Montgomery’s road and was surprised to see a man trying to persuade well water out of an old pump in front of the cabin. Her offers of help only caused him to turn abruptly and disappear inside the cabin.

Later that same day, Sapphire squinted at the bulletin board behind the glass display case just inside the main entrance of the grocery store. Once a week on grocery day, Sapphire would peruse the notifications before starting on her grocery list. What was for sale? Who would plow your driveway? Tractor for rent! Homemade apple pie contestants required! A photo of a man wanted by the police, the same man Sapphire had seen at Montgomery’s cabin!


Mrs. B and Jackson walked the A line road every day and have been doing so for the last forty years. This is at least true for Mrs. B, but Jackson is only four years old, before him it was Jimmy, before that it was Jenny and before that Jelly. Jackson is a scrappy little mixed breed mutt who’d spend more time scruffing through the woods along the side of the road than actually walking with Mrs. B on the road. He’d been skunked twice, porcupined once and nearly run over by deer on several occasions. During the warm summer days, Mrs. B’s typical morning would start out with Jackson out on the deck, his beady little eyes staring at her through the screen porch door. After being ignored for a few minutes, he’d elevate his front paws, touching the screen itself and a few moments after that, he’d begin to customize the screen material to suit his particular mood on that day.

Soon after, Mrs. B would cave and the two were off down the road leaving the great state of Indiana for beautiful Illinois, as the A line road had the prestigious geographical fact of running across state lines. On today’s adventure, during the return trip home, a great horned owl appeared to attack a seagull, causing the seagull to drop a key it was carrying in it’s bill which then landed on a porcupine walking along the road, this was a first for Mrs. B and Jackson!

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