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He embarked on a jagged trip back to Canada, leaving Texas, crossing the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, then north as far as Pennsylvania only to head southwest to see the fabled Plot 82 in Missouri. Buck-jimmy spent a month exploring the plot and demonstrating to the critters his phenomenal jumping skills, but as he grew restless for his Northern Ontario home, he decided to hit the road once again and make his way through beautiful Indiana and Illinois on his way to Michigan and finally Canada.

Leaving Illinois and entering Indiana, Buck-jimmy found a quiet pond to spend the night and just as he was settling in for the night a ravenous sandhill crane flew overhead catching Buck-jimmy in his watchful eye. The dance of death went well into the night with Buck-jimmy able to elude the clever bird until, on one of his extraordinarily long jumps, he hit an old piece of farm fence wire and tumbled helplessly to the ground. As the crane moved in, a wobbly jimmy saw an open treasure chest box close by, so he hopped inside and closed the lid.

Buck-jimmy sat perfectly still, listening to the crane outside scruffing around and only wondered slightly what the note on the bottom of the box meant…study hard…the rewards are endless! When all was quiet, Buck-jimmy opened the lid and took a look around and saw the crane was gone, so he hopped out of the box and headed for the pond. Reaching the water, he looked back and saw a translucent man pick up the box, climb up on a horse and disappear into the forest.


Mildred Duck’s Crane Hill Massacre tells the story of the indiscriminate elimination of most life forms during the years hard rock mine development in Northern Ontario. The whining of chainsaws, the rumbling of bulldozers and the incessant explosions of rock laid the environment a wasteland and those living there either dead or on the run. For authenticity purposes, it was now time to leave the tranquil shores of Lake Temagami and move the entire cast to the southwest where the barren landscape could be used in the next phase of rehearsals. Mildred sent out ten of her most loyal ducks to scout out suitable locations and after much debate, a heavy-metal laden pond surrounded by blackened rock and completely devoid of vegetation or life was chosen. The site was backdropped by an abandoned nickel smelter whose corroded  steel beams and rusted sheet metal would add the touch of reality Mildred was looking for.

It fell upon Mildred’s head of security, Mr. Crane, to quell dissent among the cast who had grown fond of Lake Temagami and had no interest in moving. Mr. Crane’s no-nonsense reputation preceeded him and within a few days the cast and gear was packed up and the entire production was in their new digs.




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