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It lies near the center of Plot 82, a swift current, then a cascading waterfall culminating in a soft, swirling pool of cool water that attracted wildlife from miles around. The surrounding trees were often filled with hundreds of songbirds creating a symphony of short, sweet melodies that could be heard anywhere within the plot. A curious man by nature, Baines’ inability to access this part of the plot frustrated him greatly until he discovered a large pine tree whose sturdy branches allowed him to climb high enough to see the waterfall from a distance. Each morning after dawn, he would take his binoculars, climb the majestic tree and be amazed at the richness of life surrounding the waterfall. Over the fullness of time he also came to believe that the Land of a Hundred Women and what you might call the terrestrial world, intersected at this place.

During his second week of observations, Baines watched as two knights on horseback appeared at the base of the falls and a woman walked out from behind the falling water to greet them. One of the knights retrieved a small treasure chest from his saddle bag and offered it to her. Opening the lid slowly, she reached inside and took out an ancient looking key and held it up to the morning sun as if to verify its authenticity. A second woman appeared and placed a note into the chest and handed it back to the knight.


It all started out ok:  a strict perimeter was established and adhered to, a timetable was agreed to and enforced and all guests, visitors and relatives were vetted and scrutinized before gaining access to the property. Bearded dragons patrolled the area 24/7 and by all accounts the three munks were quite safe. Unfortunately, these munks were ornery creatures, ready to bend the rules in order to get their way.

The local munks told the three amigos of the delicious and innumerable white pine cones near a beautiful waterfall that were ripe for the picking. The munks formulated a plan to slip by their security guards in the dead of night and find this Shangri-La for themselves.

With new tires on their van, Johnson and Williams were glad to leave Ellwood City behind and continue on to Lake Springfield to meet with Graham and Smith. With Johnson at the wheel, Williams was basking in the wonderful Pennsylvania countryside when he spotted a robust waterfall down a side road. Williams wanted a photograph, so Johnson pulled a u-turn and within minutes Williams had his telephoto out, and among other things, had a clear shot of the munks gathering pine cones at the base of a large white pine tree. Johnson immediately recognized the munks, got his throw net from the van, and before the munks knew it they were trapped beneath the fine mesh net and quickly hustled into the van.


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Member of Camerauthor, a cooperative that writes on the blog What It Is/What It is not. Our membership includes a fantasy writer, a general fiction writer (Ellie) and two amateur photographers. All photos on the blog belong to Camerauthor.

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